Hebei Medical University International Student Admission Guidance MBBS In China

Hebai Medical University (abbreviated as HMU), formerly known as the Beiyang Medical School, was founded in 1894 and was the very first western medical school established by the government. In 2016, HMU got endorsed by the Ministry of Education, national health and family Planning Commission, and Hebai Province for joint support. In the past 120 years, adhering to the tradition “respect virtues and profession and be rigorous and creative”. Hebai Medical University has become a comprehensive medical university. HMU has two campuses and five affiliated hospital with 14 college and 18 undergraduate majors. HMU has four post-doctoral programs, 37 doctoral programs and 52 master programs. There is a complete medical education system covering the training of bachelors, master, PHD and post –doctors.

HMU is one of the first institutions which are qualified to accept international students by the Ministry of Education, and one of the first institution which are qualified to establish Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery. HMU has been recruiting international students since 1993, and in 2014 it became a training school for Chinese government scholarship students. At present, the university has cultivated more than 1800 international students with bachelor”s, master”s, docter”s degree, from more than 500 students are in the university now, from more than 30 countries include Asia, America, Africa and Europe.

Hebai medical university warmly welcomes students for all over the world to study here:

1. Program Introduction

  • Bachelor Program: Clinical Medicine
  • Award Title: Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS).
  • Teaching Language: English.
  • Normal Period of Study: 6 years.

2. Applicant Qualifications

  • The age requirement: Foreign undergraduate degree applicant should be between 18 to 25 year old, master or doctoral degree applicants below 40 years old.
  • Be in the good health. Conform to the relevant conditions for enrolling and abide by the laws ans regulations of China.
  • Bachelor program: Graduated from high school or above. Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry results of High school curriculum measure up our university”s admission criteria.

3. Application Procedures

    1). Application Date

The applicant should submit the application documents by email to Pakchinaconsultant@gmail.com in the specified time. After the applicant are submitted, the university will not return them. Please backup important documents in advance.

     2). Application Documents

a). Hebai Medical University Application Form. The download sites is http://iec.hedmu.edu.cn/BasicInfo.aspx?type=4D4984A8227FA8D3.

b). Notarized highest diploma and mark list (photocopy). On arrival, original versions will be reviewed by college.

c). one copy of Passport

d). Applicants for English language courses should provide TOEFL or ILETS

Test transcript or certificate of exemption from English test; Applicants for Chinese language courses should provide a certificate of HSK level 4 or above.

e). The physical examination script with additional necessary test report (hepatitis B, HIV, tuberculosis) in hospitals by the Chinese Embassy. The student who is suffering in chronic diseases or genetic diseases must declare actively.

f). No criminal Activity Certificate (within 6 months) given by the local police station.

G). Bank deposit certificate (over RMB 100000).

h). Study plan (for master and doctoral degree applicants only).

i). Two letters of recommendation from experts in related fields (for master and doctoral degree applicants only).

  3). Documents Check and Registration Fees:

The university will check the documents submitted by the applicants, issue admission letters to the students who meet the admission requirements. After the applicant pays the registration fees as required, the university will issue the JW202 form.

 4). Enrollment and Registrations:

The matriculate will get the letter of admission and the application form of JW202 and should go to Chinese embassy to apply X visa with these documents. Please register according to the stipulated time of admission note. If the matriculate does not register within two weeks without valid reason, it will be regarded as automatic withdrawal, and the offer will be canceled.

 5). Study and Living Expenses (all settled in RMB):

a). Accommodation Fees

Double Room 5500 YUAN/bed/year

Double Room 5000 YUAN/bed/year

Triple Room 4000 YUAN/bed/year

b). Other Fees

Registration fees: 800 (RMB)/person

Insurance fees for Studying Abroad in China 800/bed/person

Book fees: Charge according to the actual situation


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